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This idea comes from the Trailer Life Book "10-Minute Tech -The Book".

Renee and Jim live east of town a ways and are continually plagued by high winds. The weather really is different once you are out of town. Keeping wheel covers on the tires is impossible, so we liked the idea of using bungee cords and s-links to secure the covers.

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Sliding Door Woes

This terrific idea comes from Pat and Russ Peterson:

"While turning a corner with our fifth wheel, the sliding door hold open strap came loose, causing the door to slide and put a big hole in the opposite wall. The dealer fixed the wall, of course, but Pat found a sure fix in Trailer Life magazine.

We bought a latch made for double hung windows ($2.49 at Lowe's). Put the latch part on the door frame and the latching plate on the side of the door. The latch rotates and pulls the plate (and door-ed.) in tight. When unlatched, the latch rotates out of the way so you can slide the door closed. Just about fool proof."


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