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Country Buffet

Installation of officers for 2015

Our meeting centered around food as is usually the case. Country Buffet is nice because everyone has a choice of what to eat. We were very blessed to have unusually warm weather for the luncheon. It is very exciting to visit with friends and talk about the coming season of camp outs. Joey and Thelma were kind enough to set up Bronco displays for our January theme.

Each couple had an opportunity to get photos showing their Bronco pride.


August Moon Restaurant

The Aspen Leaves Chapter is always looking for a new place to visit whether a restaurant or a campsite. This month we tried a new place in Parker called August Moon. The establishment is a higher end Asian Eatery, very nicely furnished and with excellent service. The dining rooms are very spacious and designed with groups in mind.

The menu had a good selection of dishes, all delicious. After lunch, our meeting took place without a hitch, and of course, much discussion was about the new camping season.

Come on summer, faster!

Joey and Thelma were our hosts, and they did a fine job as always.

Ruthie and Dave

Jan and Steve

Ron and Cheryl

Margaret and Stan

Renee and Jim

Christy and Rich


March 21 - Mr Panda 

Our March meeting and luncheon was held at the Mr. Panda restaurant on S. Havana Street in Aurora.
The weather was perfect, not normal for March in Colorado.
This is a new venue for the Aspen Leaves and it was a great success. We had our own private room.
The food is served buffet style, with a good variety of different cousines, though the central theme is Chinese.
Comments from chapter members rated the food as very good.

Steve and Jan were our hosts this month and they did a terrific job. The tables were decorated in an Irish motiff. Each member received a very nice Irish green tile trivette.
Thank You Steve and Jan

Associate Member George has been at again, making toys for children overseas.

The Aspen Leaves are ready to eat !
    Steve, Jan, Ruthie arranged to have pictures taken of all our Irish Fans.


Greeley RV Park 

The group is having a good time.

Ron and Sheryl



St Vrain State Park 

St Vrain is a beautiful State Park located just north of Denver. The park is easy to get to and has good walking trails and plenty of wildlfe. The park especially noted for the bird life.

Although May is normally the month with the highest moisture, this year was above normal. The park had to be evacuated the previous weekend due to local flooding. We were fortunate to have nice weather with minimal rainful, however, there was standing water where ever you walked.

May can be cold. A nice fire and plenty of clothing helps ward off the cold.

This was a good weekend to sit back and relax.

Puppy in Training.
This was puppy "Lacey's" first campout.



Chatfield State Park

The Chapter loves the opportuniy to camp, visit, and relax. We have also been known to eat a bite or two.

The Colorado State Parks system gives campers a chance to enjoy natural wildlife and scenic areas. The Aspen Leaves Chapter has made Chatfield S.P., Cherry Creek S.P., and St. Vrain S.P. regular visits for our group each year.

As usual, we had great food. Everyone always contributes something special. There are good cooks in our group.

Around the camp fire at dusk

Patriotic Potato Salad

2015 was another year of excess rain, as was 2013. Chatfield experienced some serious flooding. Some roads were under water. In the camp ground areas, there was no fresh water and no sewer hook-ups available.

The water never reached as high as the camp grond area, but many of the picnic areas were under water, as was the marina.

The southern road was completely flooded. We had no access the to west side of the park.

On the east side of the park the marina and group picnic areas were under water.

Group picnic area

The ducks seemed to enjoy the extra water. In the background are more picnic sites under water.


Estes Park Colorado

In July the Aspen Leaves Chapter traveled to Estes Park to enjoy the scenery and wildlife. Our camp ground was located very near Rocky Mountain National Park. The sceenery and wildlife are spectacular. A short drive into the national park always in the sighting of some kind of wildlife. This year we saw moose and goats.

Our chapter's interest is gaming. We have many favorites, cards games as well as games using dice, dominoes, etc.


The chapter is also interested in horseshoes, bola toss, bean bag toss, and many other outdoors type games. We have won many of the state tournaments over the years.


Buena Vista
Arrowhead Point RV Park

Enjoy The Ride

September - State Samboree

October - Cherry Creek State Park 

October in Colorado can be both beautiful and frightening. Although the fall colrs are at their peak, winter weather can appear any day of the month. The average first snow is around the 19th of the month, and often falls much sooner. The Aspen Leaves groups did not experience any snow, but the temperature was very cool, especially at sunrise.

Every one dressed warm and we stll had good food, and good times.

Joey and Stan

Getting ready for breakfast

Dramatic October skies

Jim flips some johny cakes

Suzy, Cheryl, Margaret

The campfire was very popular

Jim and Stan gave a demonstration of Amateur Radio. There has been some interest in communications between rigs when traveling. Maybe we will have some new "hams" in the future.

The Aspen Leaves chapter celebrates 35 years in 2015



Christmas Party -