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Apple Creek Restaurant

One of the favorite gathering places for the Aspen Leaves Chapter.

The food is always good, and January is a special month as we reconnect with other members to start the new year.



New York Deli

Life's A Beach

Driving away the winter blues by celebrating a summer day at the beach


Ron, Cheryl and Dave

Joey and Thelma



Armadillo Restaurant

The Aspen Leaves made the annual trek to Armadillo restaurant. We always enjoy the food, service, and the chance to visit with our friends while make more plans for the upcoming camp season.


Greeley RV Park

In April it was time to start camping season at Greeley RV Park, Greeley, Colorado hosted by Sheryl & Ron Martinson.  The Great Room at the RV Park was decorated in a Welcome Spring motif and flowers and bunnies and chickens and lambs dominated the theme. Snacks were provided with little brightly colored buckets for each member to use for the weekend and take home.

The highlight of the April campout was a Tour of Greeley's Award Alliance, LLC  trophy and award shop in downtown.  Here the owner, Cristi Brick,  gave us a complete tour of their facility, the laser machine (on which she made complimentary guest vest pins of her logo as a souvenir) and not only instructed us on how to build a trophy from the ground up, but allowed a number of our members to try their hand at it as well and take their little trophies home with them.   We were shown many examples of what was possible to make or design  and items Cristi had drawn and designed for special clients like government agencies, car clubs and others. We ended up in their very large showroom, where a number of our members were able to purchase special gifts or personalized items that they took a fancy to.

Lunch followed at a local Drive In that has been around since the 50s and still serves all the old standbys including Root beer in frosty mugs, hamburgers and corndogs reminiscent of our growing up years all in the original setting of the 1950's type diner.


Greeley RV Park - Part 2

Around the camp fire.
Weather played a big roll in the Aspen Leaves campouts for 2013 and 2014. In September 2013 the front range was hit by major flooding, destroying many of the roads and bridges around Greely, Ft. Collins and other front range towns. Our chapter had originally planned too travel to St. Vrain State Park in May, however, the park was under water due to the fall floods. A hasty change was made to go to the Greeley RV park for a second month. We were met with cold weather, hence the need for a nice camp fire to stay warm. Even in late November of 2014, many roads and bridges are still under repair and it may be years before they are done.

Stan, Margaret, and Joey

Renee, Ron, and Sheryl

Stan, Jim, and Margaret take time to experiment with Ham Radio communications.

The group plays a game of bingo


Chatfield Reservoir

Chatfield Reservoir is one of the Colorado State parks and is located south west of Denver a short distance. It is easy to get to and seems to be a good escape from the busy city. The Aspen Leaves Chapter has been coming here regularly for several years and it is a very popular campout.

Dave and Jim practice bean bag toss

Dave and Joey relax. The chapter loves relaxing as much as anything.

Rich and Jan relax and chat.

Cooking and eating are two of our favorite activities. We are fortunate to have some terrific cooks in our group. Here, Christina and Joey prepare breakfast.

Ron flips some pancakes

OK...where is the food?

Beautiful scenery in the park.

Renee and Jim at the marina.

Christina and Rich at the marina.


Country Buffet

One of the Aspen Leaves' favorite stops.
Our camp out was cancelled for July as most of the members were not able to attend. We decided to go ahead and have a luncheon instead. Country Buffet is always nice because there is a choice of food for any taste. We ate, visited with friends and had our regular monthly meeting. Our theme was baseball. It makes complete sense for July, right in the middle of the season. We have many Rockies fans in the chapter and often watch the baseball games when camping.

Lets eat!


Arrowhead Point RV Park
Buena Vista, Co

In August, the members traveled to one of our favorite spots, Arrowhead Point RV Park in Buena Vista, CO. This is a very scenic area located just beneath the towering peaks of the collegiate range of mountains. The Collegiate Peaks is a name given to a section of the Sawatch Range of the Rocky Mountains located in central Colorado. Drainages to the east include headwaters of the Arkansas River.

The Collegiate Peaks include some of the highest mountains in the Rockies. The section is so named because several of the mountains are named for prominent universities.

The area contains many vehicle trails. Some are 4 wheel drive only but many are passable by regular passenger cars. The trails climb up the mountains to give spectacular views of the area. Some trails travel to old mining towns. The Aspen Leaves took one such trail to the little town of St. Elmo. This small town, actually smaller than small, consists of a few wooden buildings left over from the mining days. Some are still lived in and one has remained as a kind of general store for visitors.

Stan took the opportunity to play with the hundreds of tiny chipmunks that inhabit the area. The friendly animals were eating right out of his hand, sometimes as many as four chipmunks at a time.

There are thousands of antique items for sale that date back to the mining era.

The weather was perfect, and the group had a very good time.

One of the most beautiful valleys in Colorado

One day the Aspen Leaves chapter traveled to the town of St Elmo. A former mining town, it had been mostly abandoned and then reclaimed. Several residents live and work their now.

St. Elmo Colorado was officially founded in 1880. Gold and Silver Mining brought many people to the area. There were over 150 Patented mine claims in the St. Elmo area. 
Populations reached a high of nearly 2000 people. The DSP&P  laid their tracks up to St. Elmo and continued the line through Romley then to Hancock and through the Historic Alpine Tunnel. St. Elmo was considered a Hub town for supplies arriving by train. The tracks were abandoned in 1922. It is said that St. Elmo's Population rode the last train out of town and never came back.

( Official St. Elmo History.)

The chapter in St. Elmo

Do you see the town ghost in the window?

Ruthie and Dave explore St.Elmo

The town has thousands of antique items to view.

Stan made some new friends while in St. Elmo.

One afternoon the chapter prepared candy gifts for people coming to the September Samboree.

Now this is camping!


Relaxing some more

Playing games. A camp out tradition

Ron and Jim play cribbage

So long until next time


2014 State Samboree

Pueblo, CO

The Aspen Leaves travels to the Pueblo State Fairgrounds September 17th to the 21st. Wednesday was the earlybird day, and many of our rigs took advantage to have an extra day.

Six rigs from the Aspen Leaves were able to make the trip this year.

Sometimes it is good to simply relax. Many of the chapter members are good at this task.

Members help to prepare the display case. This year's Samboree theme was "Volunteerism". The Aspen Leaves used the display case to show the organizations we donated to and assisted with.

The Aspen Leaves Chapter decided one of the best events of the 2014 State Samboree was the "Ladies Tea".
The event is popular every year.

Margaret participates in the bean bag toss. The Aspen Leaves did very well in this event, capturing first place thanks to Dave and second place thanks to Renee. Our chapter tied for 1st overall in the games along with the Blue Spruce chapter.


The chapter was very saddened this year by the loss of Wayne, Thelma A., and Fred

 We had several projects going on. The group gathered on Thursday to set up our display case depicting volunteer efforts by the group during the year. We also used the time to add memorial photos to the Loving Memory table. The Aspen Leaves have made a beautiful quilt containing the favorite patches of passed members. Stan constructed a very nice copper stand to display the quilt.

Memory Quilt

Balloon release for lost members

Friday tailgater party


Strasburg, CO - Octoberfest

This month our theme was Octoberfest. Members cooked up their favorite German recipes and we had a great feast Saturday night. There are a lot of good cooks in the group.

Stan and Margaret

Margaret and Steve relax by the grill.


Jim 'N Nicks BBQ
Colorado weather can be so different in November. One day it is 60 degrees and sunny, the next it is 15 degrees and snowing. Saturday November 15th was of the cold and snow variety, but we were there anyway.
As usual, the food was great. Hard to find top BBQ in the Denver area, but Jim 'N Nicks does a pretty good job. Margaret and Stan did a terrific job as host. Sweet candy treats and a very nice decoration acorn as a gift. The tables were also decorated in a very pretty fall season theme with multicolored leaves and a large fall basket. Some of our members have been busy with health tasks this year so it was very nice to see them out and around.

Of course, much of the talk was about past and future camping. Plans are already being made for our next camping season. We spent some time firming up locations for next summer.

It was great to have Thelma at our luncheon


Christmas Party - 

The Bistro at Aspen Grove

What a great Christmas luncheon we had this year. The Bistro was a new location for the Aspen Leaves chapter and it worked out wonderful. The food was excellent and the service was outstanding. The restaurant specializes in bistro soup and sandwich's, but had a large menu with good selection. Everyone seemed to find just the right dish

Sheryl developed a terrific program that honored our vets. We have come full circle, said Sheryl, as we had remembered Dec 7th  many years ago with another special tribute. Each veteran present received a very nice memo mounted on a wood plaque.

There were other goodies provided. Each member received the traditional vest pin commemorating  the year. Each member also received a kaleidoscope, and sweets.

Our Town

Member Bags for Christmas Cards

Jim gives a prayer for service men and their families, veterans, and POWs.

Margaret and Stan

Goldie and George

Joey and Thelma

The Call to Duty - anonymous

A call to duty is sent out
and the strong and the brave reply.
They do it for love of country,
So there's never a need to ask why.

They leave behind all that they love,
Their families, their homes and their lives,
Because to preserve these precious things
Is the goal for which each soldier strives.

So God bless our troops,

Who fight to make sure
Our Flag flies above,

And our country is secure.


Sheryl's notes:      

As we think about our military on this day, December 7, 2014  - 73 years
 after the attack on Pearl Harbor,  a momentous time in our country's history -  
Ron and I want to offer a special Thank You to each one of our friends here today,
who put their country first so we could remain free.

Whether it was WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, The Gulf, Afghanistan/Iraq…
wherever your service to your country took you…

We have a little remembrance for you, so it is ever in your mind, that your
service to God and Country is not forgotten.  And for those who are no longer with
us, who we have lost since, or who never came home…

God Bless the families of our Soldiers.


Our Camping Chapter

The Kaleidoscope of folks that IS

Our Small Town!         

                     Written by Sheryl Martinson


I look around at the faces here…

Friends and neighbors

And family to me…

Let's look at how this comes to be!


We have our President -

Our Mayor and his wife

They Direct our Chapter -

Our Town, if you like.


We have  our  VP,

Our City Manager - who mostly waits

Until he's needed …  isn't that swell?

Ready in a moment - To lead us as well…


We have  our Wagon Master - Our Traffic Director

Tells us each month on what roads we're sent..

To the Mountains or Lake…

And Keeps us on schedule for every event.


We have our Historian - our Newspaper Publisher

Who records for the 'Book', With pictures we treasure,

And publishes monthly our events wherever

So we can go back and remember together.


Just like any Town, we have our own Pastor

Our very own Chaplain,  who stands on the Word -

He tries each month to guide us and prays

To keep our Town on the Road in God's Way


And then there is me -  Your Secretary…

I keep things together and on the right track

Through the minutes each month

so we know where we're at…

Kind of like the Sheriff,  you see…

watching the regs and the bylaws that be

protecting the Bank, keeping track of our funds

Keeping us legal, each one by each one.


And then we have YOU

our citizens dear,

for without all of you

the Town would not be here…


We love to play games

or just sit and visit

We share food and our lives

and support for who needs it.


We have military and teachers

And nurses and techs 

We have engineers and contractors

We have police that protect


We have mechanics that repair us

And dog owners and trainers

We have  bakers  and sewers

We have  people caretakers


Different and special

each one of you are

This group we have gathered

From near and from far..


Our Chapter, our Friends,

Our Family you say!

Our own Small Town - 

Aspen Leaves USA