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The Aspen Leaves first event for 2013 was a lunch buffet at The Country Buffet in south west Denver.
We had a good turn out, almost the entire chapter. For a Colorado January, the weather was near perfect, mild temperatures and sunny skies. There was plenty of time to visit with friends and talk about the years camp outs.
Joey and Thelma hosted the lunch and did a terrific job, Mardi Gras style. Each member received beads on the way in. The table settings set the mood for a party. The hosts had special packages of pastries for each member, and were they ever good!
There were quite a few changes in the yearly camp schedule, but it appears everything is settled. It should be a great camp season.


Richard and Christina

A balloon RV


Wan's Mandarin House

Wan's was a new location for the Aspen Leaves, and probably one we will go back to. Really good food and service.

A nice Valentine treat



Apple Creek Restaurant

Apple Creek has been one of our favorite places over the years. Sadly, in 2014 Apple Creek was closed.

Greeley RV Park 

April can bring any type of weather to Colorado. Snow is common. April is the second snowiest month of the year, and this is the reason we always plan the April trips on the last weekend. In 2013, the delay was not enough, as we were "snowed out" anyway.

Colorado springtime

May 17 - 19 

In May, our chapter traveled to St.Vrain state park, located just north of Denver. The drive is short, only about 25 miles from town.  The sites have recently been improved. Roads are paved as are the pull throughs. The Pelican Loop is electric hook-up only, but other areas do have full hookups. Some may remember the park as Barbour Ponds state park.

As usual we enjoyed fine meals, and an afternoon of games both Friday and Saturday. A new game was added to the chapters game basket, "Catch Phrase". It took a while to get the hang of giving good hints, but pretty soon, everyone was playing at a fast pace.

The park has many good walking trails and several members made use of the interesting walks.

We were joined by guests Joan and Larry this weekend, and had a veru good visit with them.

The weather was near perfect, something a little rare in May.

geese are common, as are many other varieties of birds

Dave, Ruthie, and Cheryl enjoy a trail walk

Learning to play "Catch Phrase"


Cherry Creek State Park

In June the chapter made our traditional trip to Cherry Creek State Park. We used the large group site this year. There was a mix-up, because the park has changed the rules for reservations and by the time we attempted to make our reservations, the small group site was taken. Live and learn!


As always, the weather was fine and the large group area allowed us to set up all of our outdoor games. We played Bola Toss, Bean Bag Toss, and Washer Toss.


Although campfires were not allowed, the park ranger said we could start grill briquettes in the group cooking grill. There is nothing as good as food cooked outdoors on the B-B-Q grill…yum. Since the group site has lights, we were able to play board and card games well after dark.

June is a great time to travel to Cherry Creek S.P. The weather has not turned hot yet. When our summer heats up we usually head for the mountains. The park has nice scenery, good hiling trails, and water activities. The park also has three group sites. This year we were in the large group site.

There was plenty of room to spread out the camping rigs.

Cheryl and Ron

Ruthie and Dave

Rich and Christina

Sheryl and Ron

Joey and Thelma

Renee and Jim


There is an abundance of wildlife to see in the park. The deer number over 100. There are many different types of birds, and flowers.

One evening, we celebrated Father's Day.


Chatfield State Park

In July we made the trek to Chatfield State Park. This camp out was much different than Cherry Creek S.P. because we stayed in individual campsites. All of our sites were adjacent to each other. Joey and Thelma’s camper became the central gathering place as they were mostly in the middle of the group.

Chatfield is a popular balloon launch site.

The sites we chose had a nice view of the lake. This lake is larger than Cherry Creek.

The Aspen Leaves visit and eat. These are number one and two on our list of favorite activities.

A big storm brews up east of the park. There were severe storm alerts given, but mostly out east of us.


In August the Aspen Leaves camped at Arrowhead RV park in Buena Vista. Located in the heart of the tall Colorado peaks, this is a very scenic area. Several members went early on Wednesday to enjoy a few extra days visiting the various scenic areas. As usual we experiences afternoon mountain showers, except that Thursday’s shower was much heavier than usual. The campground looked like a river at times.

Kathy and Joe, the owners, like Aspen Leaves a lot and treated us to rootbeer floats and ice cream sundays. Our chapter has been traveling to this RV park for several years. This trip is usually one of our favorites.

Jan's Resaurant is a breakfast place in Buena Vista. The town actually has a number of very good places to eat.

There are many mountain wildflowers in the area.

In preparation for the 2014 trip to Buena Vista, Jim and Renee did some scouting of the St. Elmo ghost town. The images of some of the buildings are shown below.


2013 State Samboree
Island Grove Park
Greeley Colorado

Attendance at the Samboree was down a little this year, probably due to weather related issues. Little did we know how bad the weather was to be.
The Aspen Leaves chapter accounted for about 1/3 of the pets reported at the gathering. We are definately the "pet" chapter, especially with our dogs.

"Back Seat Driver Contest"

On Thursday morning we awoke to cool wet weather. Little did we know what lay ahead. The tractor contest went on despite the rain.

As the day progressed, reports began flowing in of heavy rain and flood warnings. By the end of the day the full scope of the disaster would be revealed. There was talk during the weekend of possible evacuation of the area. The county and state officials stayed in close contact with the Samboree director and staff. We did not need to evacuate as it turned out, but several attendees were required to move their rigs as a section of the park became flooded. Island Grove park is located on the Cach La Poudre river, one of three rivers in the area that had flooding. Had we been evacuated, there would have been no routes back home anyway, as roads south, west , and east were washed out. on we go..........

Fund Raising

This year was a switch for the Aspen Leaves. Normally we sell pies, but decided to do something different this year. The idea to sell trail mix came up and sounded good. The previous month the chapter stuffed bags, and attached labels. A table was set up at the Samboree and our trail mix adventure was begun. Although sales were not as good as expected, we still had fun and donations from chapter members made the event a financial success.

Honoring the Veterans

Recognizing our veterans was an important theme this year. In the Aspen Leaves chapter there were three vets at the Samboree.

Ron M. is a Navy veteran

Fred T. and Jim P. are Army veterans

Good Sam Traveling Game Flag

The first win for the Aspen Leaves was the Bola Toss. Dave and Jim won a total of four 1st and 2nd place ribbons.

Games are a very big part of the Samboree each year, and 2013 was no different. The Aspen Leaves chapter takes part in many of the games. It is something we practice for during our monthly campouts. We have had a good deal of success over the years, winning the traveling flag numerous times. The group was in hopes that this would be another successful year for our efforts.

In the end, the Aspen Leaves were again high point winners overall and we will get to keep the traveling flag another year.

Margaret competes in the bean bag toss.

Jim competes in washer toss

Sandy's birthday cake


We celebrated Sandy's birthday this weekend at the Samboree

Dinner at the Samboree

Saturday night dinner is always a treat at the State Samboree. This year we had a catered Mexican dinner, and it was very good, although some of the spices were a bit warm. The dinner always includes a table decorating contest. It is a great time to relax and visit, both with Aspen Leaves members, and all of our friends from other chapters.

Saturday Night Entertainment


Cheryl and Joey did an amazing job organizing and decorating the meeting room at the Country Buffet 

The Aspen Leaves Chapter October campout was originally scheduled for the Greeley RV park, however, the park is located adjacent to the section of highway 34 that was washed out in the September floods. The group decided to change the October get together to a luncheon at Country Buffet near Park Meadows. The theme was Halloween and our hosts Cheryl and Joey did a wonderful job arranging everything. They are both extremely creative and showed some real thought in the handmade decorations. If look at the ghost decorations you may be able to see that they are hand made from cheese cloth and starch.

Dave, Ruthie and Joey eat and visit

George and Goldie


Christmas Party  

December 2013 the Aspen Leaves held their  Annual Christmas Dinner Celebration at White Fence Farms, in Denver, CO.  The entire Chapter was in attendance along with some guests and  a game was played called Camping with the Right Family, where wrapped gifts were circled around right or left among the members sitting  in a circle, according to a story being read. At the end, folks kept the gift they had when the story ended. There was much laughter and enjoyment with that game and the food was great as always. Vest pins in the form of lit candles were handed out as a keepsake of the afternoon as the theme was Celebrate the Light of the World,  and personalized tins of Christmas Cookies were taken home by each Rig.

Sheryl read a Christmas story to the chapter. At a key word in the story, everyone passed the gift they were holding to the left or right, When the story ended, each person kept the gift they were holding.

Each December the chapter installs the new officers for the next year.